Monster 50

The Invisible Man.

From the mind of H. G. Wells comes one of the most dastardly of the Universal monsters line up. Of course, he was driven slowly insane by the procedure of becoming invisible, but that is hardly an excuse to go around causing havoc and killing strangers. Claude Rains turned in a riveting performance as Dr. Jack Griffin in the 1933 Universal movie, even though he was wrapped in bandages or invisible most of the movie. The incomparable Vincent Price played a different invisible man in the sequel The Invisible Man Returns.

There is some great allure to each of us of being invisible. However, it is rarely for a noble reason. The invisible make great spies, thieves, murderers, peeping tom’s and pranksters. Perhaps some would think their sanity an acceptable price to pay.

Truth be told; the Invisible Man is the only classic Universal monster that I have actually dressed up as for Halloween. Of course, that could be because bandages and gloves make an easy costume. Then again, I may have a bit of madness in my blood.

I remember a little movie directed by John Carpenter called Memoirs of an Invisible Man starring Chevy Chase as an average man turned invisible by an accident. I have not seen it in ages, but do remember it being a trifle but fun in parts.

I hear that Johnny Depp will be playing the Invisible Man in the upcoming Universal remake. This seems a novel choice due to Depp’s eccentric nature. However, it also seems a miscast since this will no doubt be mostly a voice performance. Who knows. It shall be interesting anyway.

Careful out there. Watch your step. You never know who may be watching you be alone.