Batman (Lucha De Luna)


Panel 1- A full moon hangs over Gotham City tonight.


What is it about full moons?


Panel 2- A large bull of a man runs across the roof tops carrying two big duffle bags, one in each hand. He is wearing light sports pants, an athletic hoodie and a colorful luchador mask. His name is Verde. Whatever is in the duffle bags is heavy and bulky. I’ll let you in on a secret…there is a short man crouched in each bag.


My theory; the moon pulls at men’s sanity as it does the tide waters.

Panel 3- Close up of Verde’s head and shoulder. A long shadow (Batman) glides past the moon behind him.


Sanity is not something in great supply in this city on a normal night.

Panel 4- Verde leaps down to a fire escape.




Not that I’m an expert on sanity but I’ve certainly seen my share of crazy.

Panel 5- Batman standing on the roof that Verde just leapt from. We can clearly tell that this is Batman and not some random shadow.


Yes. The irony is not lost on me.


Panel 1- Verde has reached the ground and is stopped in his tracks by a voice.


(off panel)

Looks like you’re a long way from the ring.


Panel 2- Batman stands a short distance away from Verde, ready for a fight but calm.

Panel 3- Verde’s hands drop the bags he is carrying.

Panel 4- Close up of a zipper being unzipped.

Panel 5- Close up of another zipper being unzipped.





Panel 6- Close up of Batman’s eyes wide in surprise.



Page 3

Panel 1- A small guy (not a dwarf) has popped up out of each bag. Each guy is holding and firing an uzi. One of the men is clutching a large jewel in the shape of a paw against his chest. Both men have on luchador masks.




Panel 2- Batman narrowly evades the gun fire.

Panel 3- The men have stopped firing and are now back to back looking for Batman in the shadows. One of the men brings his hand up to his neck to work out a kink. The other man still clutches the jewel as if it were his only possession in life.

Panel 4- Batman speaks from the shadows.


The museum would very much like you to return the jaguar’s paw.

Panel 5- Batman leaps from the shadows, throwing two knockout batarangs. These weapons have no sharp edges but are blunted and useful for knockout or stun.


What do you say we fight for it.



Panel 1- The two small men’s heads fly back as the batarangs hit their marks.



Panel 2- Batman is standing in between the two fallen men. The men are stunned and on the ground. The jewel rests at the fingertips of the one man.


Panel 3- Two huge arms come up behind Batman and squeeze him in a bear hug.


I prefer to wrestle murciélago.

Panel 4- Batman whips his head back quickly and breaks Verde’s nose.



Panel 5- Batman jumps to the ground as Verde’s grip is loosened.



Page 1- Close up of Batman’s hand that is holding a small grappling gun pointed up. A chord and hook fire out.

Page 2- Batman from the waist up as he is pulled up by the grappling hook.

Page 3- Close up of Verde’s hand grabbing Batman’s ankle.

Page 4- Large panel of Verde pulling Batman taught. Batman strains to keep a grip on the grappling gun. Verde is having fun.


This is what luchador call on the ropes murciélago.