There Is a Hare In My Chicken

No, the title of this post was not taken from a conversation between a customer and a waiter. I am making reference to the graphic novel series that involves Chickenhare, the plucky half-chicken half-hare star of a series of graphic novels by Chris Grine. Chickenhare is accompanied by a bearded turtle named Abe (my personal favorite) and a pair of furry demons named Banjo and Meg. The group manages to get into all sorts of trouble and adventures both funny and harrowing. This may be a series suitable for young readers but all ages will find something to delight in.

The black and white art of the original Eisner nominated¬†series is often striking and always lively. I have heard it being compared to Jeff Smith’s Bone and that is not far off but Chris certainly has a style all his own. The series is being re-released in color by Scholastic and the few pages I have seen so far lead me to believe that Chickenhare and friends will shine in color as well. I suggest you read this series as soon as possible. You can order the first series of the new book here.

It really is for kids. Really.
It really is for kids. Really.

By the way, did I mention that the books will soon be made into an animated movie by Sony? I’m trying to figure the perfect voice cast out and so far have come up with the following: Chickenhare- Chris Grine ( of course), Abe- Michael Cera, Banjo- Steve Carell and Meg- Zoeoey Deschanel. So you better get on the Chickenhare train before it leaves the station and everyone in the world hops aboard. Go on, be the cool kid in class.

If you want to meet Chris in person then be sure to go to PlanetComicon this April cause he will be in attendance. I have word that he might even give out a sketch or three and sign your Chickenhare book if you ask real nice (telling him how awesome he is won’t hurt either).