Calling Dr. Strange

It has been confirmed by Kevin Feige that a Dr. Strange movie will be part of a phase 3 of Marvel films after Avengers 2. The good doctor just happens to be one of my favorite comic book characters. As Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange has always been the go-to guy when the other heroes come upon something mystical or magical. However, he has not been able to magic an ongoing series the last number of years. Why? Who knows. Maybe it’s because he has not always been the most genial of heroes, the most easy to understand or could be that he just hasn’t been written by me yet (you never know).

Dr. Strange

Dr. Stephen Strange was a surgeon at the height of his career when he had a severe car accident that left his hands damaged to the point that they would never be steady enough to wield a surgeon’s knife again. All he cared about was that he would no longer be making the huge amount of money his career had given him. Desperate for a way to restore his hands, he sought out a wise old hermit in the Himalayas that was a master of the mystical arts. The hermit, AKA the Ancient One, refused to help due to Strange’s selfish nature but could see that there yet could be some good in the doctor. The Ancient one tries to help the good side of Strange to the surface but fails. However, a servant attempts to kill the Ancient One and Strange selflessly foils the attempt. The Ancient One then takes Strange as his student and teaches him the mystic arts.

Dr. Strange now sits in his Sanctum Sanctorum, studying the mystical arts and helping humanity when it is in the most dire of circumstances. He has a servant named Wong and such mystical aids as the Cloak of Levitation, Eye of Agamotto and Book of Vishanti. How cool is that.

Now who do you cast in such a part? There have been murmurs of Patrick Dempsey making his move to play the doctor. To that I say…by the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak no! Nothing against Patrick, he seems like a nice guy and all, but he is all types of wrong for the character. Here are some suggestions of my own: Hugh Laurie, David Tennant (why have I picked actors that have played doctors on television so far? Weird), Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig.

Now if we can only get Guillermo del Toro to write and direct the film. That would be magical indeed.