Another One Bites the Dust

Another year gone and a new one just begun. Last year I was able to complete my movie screenplay Deadington. It was my first completed screenplay and I feel I learned a lot during the process. I also think it happens to be a pretty good script. Hopefully, someone else will think so as well.
I started a new novel and will continue to work on that this year. Finishing the novel is my main goal of the year and I feel that it is an attainable one. Maybe I can also find an artist to work with on a comic book this year as well, why not shoot for the moon.
I also will try to post some more on this blog. I just need to decide what it is I am going to post. My life is obviously not exciting enough to warrant frequent posts about it. I will continue to post news and new pieces of writing as they happen and am grateful for anyone out there that takes the time to read my scratchings and scribblings. May the new year hold good tidings to you all.