Strange Tales

Amazing how a story can grow to have a life and will of its own. I have been writing a basic outline of a new screenplay and when the outline was finished, the screenplay had morphed into a novel. This was not by design. The story simply decided it wanted to be a novel instead of a screenplay. It’s alive!

I would be surprised if this were the first time such a phenomenon had happened. It has happened before and will no doubt happen again. That’s the thing about stories. With a small beginning and a little nourishment, a story will grow in ways you had never imagined. If you don’t believe me, try it your self sometime.

I am now in the research phase of a novel. This is not the first novel I have attempted to write. I finished a novel several years ago that never found a home and thus was never published. I have made a couple of subsequent attempts at novels which have stalled at various points. My aim is for this one to last for the long haul. Let’s see where the story takes me.