Happy Halloween! What do you mean it’s over?

Better late then never, eh? Hope everyone had a gruesome and horrible Halloween filled with ghouls and goblins and things that go KRUNK SLOSH in the night.

I have begun writing my YA novel again. It feels good to slip back into step with Dax, Christabel, the scarecrow, Rawley and the rest.

I have only received one return mail in regards to the children’s story I wrote. Rejected again. There are still plenty more places to submit the story to so lets not break out the noose yet. I have a back-up plan even if none of the agents or editors accept the story.

I am contemplating writing another comic-book mini-series but am leary of getting too far ahead with it before finding an artist. From past experience, I know the difficulties of finding an artist. It’s like, really difficult. I have never found one but I know they are out there. Someone is looking for just the right project and someday I will have written it. Oh yes. I will have written it.

Remember to mark you calenders for November 27th and be certain to visit the new Chickenhare webcomic site. There’s a link to the site in my blog roll. Book mark it. Now!