Guardians of the Galaxy (or Best Friends Forever)

Here is my obligatory review of The Guardians of The Galaxy movie. I really like it.

Was it perfect? No, but what is these days? I think it missed perfection by a Groot branch.

All of the main characters, minus the villains, were done well. The way they brought all of these odd outcasts together and eventually formed a friendship seemed organic. I know how hard it is to actually do such a thing when writing a story so I tip my hat to James Gunn and company. Speaking of Gunn; his direction provided an energy and thrust to the story that made the running time of the film fly past like a reaver’s ship from a Kree treasury vault.

Gunn’s other contribution can be found in the dialog, often times witty, sometimes crass. The cruder dialog and actions from the “good guys” seem curious for a movie that has toys of Rocket and Star Lord in the local Target. Not really sure what age kids are targeted with this movie but it is a bit more crude than the previous Marvel films. I’m sure it is nothing a discerning teenager couldn’t handle, just found it curious is all.

The soundtrack of the film is neigh perfection. The music is married to the film in a wonderful way that reminded me of what Tarintino does with the songs chosen for his films. Each and every song is awesome and belongs on everyone’s mix tape.

The galaxy that the Guardians inhabit seems vast and fun. What more could you want.

Chris Pratt has always been wonderful and hilarious on Parks and Rec and seems born to play Star Lord. Rocket and Groot are a winning dynamic duo that, by the end of the movie, steal your heart. I had no idea that Drax would be such a funny guy and loved that surprise. Zoe Saldana’s Gamorroah is a fine love interest for Peter Quill and she always brings convincing action and beauty.

The main villain of the movie is Ronan the Accuser. The actor is hidden behind makeup and not given much to do for a great part of the movie. However, he does perform well when needed. He did give off a menacing vibe, which is pretty much all he needed to do.

Is this the next Star Wars? No, it’s the next Guardians of the Galaxy and that’s awesome in its own way. Take it away Groot…

"I am Groot."
“I am Groot.”