State of the Writer Address

I’m really not very good at this blogging thing. It appears that my last post was in October. My apologies.

I started the Monster 50 in hopes that it would inspire me to post with more regularity. It has, and has not, done so. I fully intend to complete this endeavor with only 19 left to go.

Progress on the new novel has been going slow (surprise). I intend to pick up the pace, with hopes of completing, and publishing it by the end of the year. This is what I am calling my Eighties novel. It is set in the Eighties, includes lots of monsters, music and mayhem, all around Halloween time. The story features multiple characters, including a former scream queen now disk jockey, a South Korean movie martial artist, an elderly rockabilly musician in a nursing home, and a young boy with a seemingly dark curse and love for dark music. It is based on an idea that I have had germinating for a long time. Can’t wait to unfurl it on the world.

I have been creating a campaign for the Numenera RPG, and just started running it as GM for a small group. Running an RPG is a great workout for my writer’s brain. Creating NPCs, plot hooks, and story lines, improvising on the fly when needed, really get the creative juices flowing. I am having fun with it now, but hope it doesn’t encroach on my novel writing too much.

As previously mentioned on Twitter, I have sold two more Kairo short stories. River of the Blue Carmina will be in Weirdbook Magazine #48, and A Nightly Hanging will appear in #50. I have also finished another Kairo story that needs a home, as Weirdbook is booked out through 2021.

That’s it for now. Catch you later.