Of Beginnings

Just as a year ends, a new one begins. That means that every new year we begin a new story of our life, with only a rough plot outline to guide us. Sometimes the plot veers wildly off course, sometimes plot points disappear altogether, but no matter what happens a story will be written.

I am not one to write by the seat of my pants entirely. Therefore, here a few points of plot for my own personal story this year.

  • My short story Devil Eye, Desert Heart will finally be published this year in the Reconstructing the Monster anthology by Emby Press.
  • I will finish rewrites on my novel Shoot the Devil and begin the search for an agent and/or publisher.
  • I will update my blog more often.
  • I will finish my short story about a mystery solving old witch hunter (inspired by Ms. Marple).
  • Zoolander 2
  • Reread The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo.
  • Write some poetry.
  • Buy a proper writing desk and chair so that I can sit for longer than 30 minutes and I can do so without banging my knees into the keyboard tray.
  • Take my daughter to her first professional baseball game (go Royals!)

That should be enough for now. I will no doubt accomplish things not on this list, but that is the fun of a rough outline, it is rough and leaves plenty of room for bursts of creativity. There may be things on this list that I fail to accomplish, but they will remain as wonderful backstory.

I wonder what your story will be this year? Feel free to leave a plot point or two of your own in comments. Whatever your story is, I hope it is simply fantastic.