News Update!

Just a little update on what is happening with my writing. I recently had a four page script accepted for an anthology called Ladies & Gentlemen put out by Water Closet Press in the UK. It is a light bit of pulp set in London featuring a character of my own creation. There is no artist attached to the script yet but I will keep you updated.

I am 60 pages into a novel and am really starting to get my writing legs going. Here’s hoping the next 200 pages go by in a flash.

I am forming an outline for a new idea I have for a comic book character that features rock ‘n’ roll, Norse mythology and supernatural mysteries. It is in the infant stages and may wait to get fleshed out more when I find a dedicated artist to collaborate with. It can join the handful of other ideas I have for comic book series.

I have been seriously considering placing my movie script Deadington in The Black List database. It doesn’t cost a lot and I feel it really is a good script. Will let you know what I decide to do.

Will soon be adding more links to blogs and other pages I think are cool. Check the space over to the side to find them.

That’s all for now.