The Devil and The Hunchback

What have I been up to? Waiting on word regarding my script Deadington. I submitted it to the Scriptapalozza contest and will find out if I am a quarter finalist late July. I am planning on posting part or all of the Deadington script on the site soon (unless it wins top prize and is sold, of course).

I am writing my second script called Shoot the Devil. I will be posting a tentative logline soon. It is about a hunchback hitman hired to kill the Devil. It has been going slower than I would like but should pick up after this month when I am finished packing and moving to a new residence.

I have been doing some thinking lately and believe that my next scripts will be written for a younger or family audience. I think I could write movies that fit comfortably in the Disney style. It won’t be a dramatic shift for me since my other scripts are by no means vulgar or anything. I try to keep within a PG-13 rating anyway. I enjoy writing kid characters and their wonder of the world around them. Don’t worry, monsters will still show up.