Thought I was angry about something, didn’t you? In fact its just the opposite. Marvel announced today that Joe Mad will be drawing a new Spiderman comic called The Avenging Spiderman in November. I can’t wait. I know some are put off by Joe’s style but I love it and always wondered if he would ever be back at Marvel again. That he is on a Spiderman book is icing on the cake.

I am wrapping up the Deadington script. It is taking longer than I thought as I add more scenes that just need to be there. The story is certainly going places that I never thought it would. Cool.

Once the Deadington script is in the reading and revising stages I will also be polishing Count Obsideo for a new comic book pitch. We’re talking space action and monsters galore. Goodbye Earth.

Will also be writing another 5 page sample for writers to try out on that will be different in tone then the Spiderman one I have posted already. That’s all for now.