Planet Comicon

Another Planet Comicon has come and gone. While artist alley had expanded (which is nice) the dealer section seemed to have shrunk. I did get a few good deals though; Guardians of the Galaxy hardcover, Captain America hardcover and the Frankencastle hardcover signed by Mr. Moore of course. It is always nice to chat with Chris Grine of Chickenhare fame. He’s a real nice guy with a genuinely great web comic.

I wasn’t able to get any sketches this time but really wanted one from Fransisco Franciavelli (probably mangled his name). The Comic Book Geek Speak guys were there but I couldn’t work up the courage to talk to them. This after trying to get Chris to go talk with them I know, I am so ashamed.

Over all it was a good time. I brought my 3 year old daughter to the con on Sunday and she had a blast. Her very first convention! I will have to be sure to bring her on Saturday next time because there were more costumed characters and she wanted to get her picture taken with all the super-heroes.

Hopefully next year I will be behind a table promoting my children’s picture book or web comic. If not, I am thinking of buying a table just to search for an artist to work with. Hey, it couldn’t hurt right?