There was no driver…

With Halloween nearly upon us, I thought I would share a few of the movies I have watched to get in the spirit this year. I started with one of my all time favorites; The Monster Squad. I have always had fond memories of this movie. I had once resigned myself to viewing it only in those memories, until it finally was released on DVD. I owe much of my love of monsters to this movie. If you haven’t seen it, see it now. Right now. OK, now we can talk about the story of Dracula rounding up all his fiendish friends (Creature, Wolf Man, Mummy, and Frankenstein’s monster) to tip the balance of good and evil in their direction. Too bad they weren’t prepared for the local kids horror club rechristened the Monster Squad. Good thing the kids have that scary German guy on their side. Oh yeah, and Van Helsing’s diary.

The next movie in line was The Fog. I’m talking the original one, not the updated version that isn’t even worthy to crawl in the shadow of John Carpenter. The Fog is a classic, plain and simple. Remember, death always knocks in Antonio Bay.

Lastly, so far, was The Car. I suppose this is a great double feature with The Fog due to the title alone. This is another movie that I had resigned myself to never see reach DVD. It has its goofy parts but overall it is a great movie that knows exactly what to do with a killer modified black Lincoln. I could actually see this being remade today if the right person was behind the camera. Maybe I’ll tackle the script myself someday soon.

Speaking of scripts, I am still working on my Deadington script and am determined to finish this thing before this year ends. I don’t know why I find it so hard to find time to sit and write consistently…probably has something to do with a lovely little almost three-year old that wants to play. When she wants to play monsters, it’s hard to refuse.