Post Planet Comicon

Another Planet Comicon has come and gone. I had a pretty good time overall. Sometimes I just wish the con would get a huge influx of new blood for guests and Artist Alley. It seems the same local people always show up with little difference. I’m not knocking the locals. I like some of the locals. It’s always nice to chat with Chris Grine of Chickenhare fame. Jason Aaron is a cool guy. I guess I was spoiled by Wizard World in Chicago when it was . There’s always next year.

You may have noticed I mentioned nothing about my pitches and finding an artist. I didn’t find one. There was nary a portfolio to be found. I remember the days when everyone and their mother hauled their portfolio around the con for reviews. Ah well.

I didn’t have a lot of money to spend this year but did get a Spider-man GN that included Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo’s Hammerhead story. Both of those men astound me with their talent. I also picked up a Jonah Hex GN because I always liked the look of the character but know next to nothing about him. Phil Noto pencilled some of the stories and Jordi Bernet did the rest. I preferred the stylings of the Bernet guy for this type of book but Noto isn’t bad.

Posted a want ad at Digital Webbing for an artist for Deadington. Let’s see if there are any bites.