I Told You

I told you that I was horrible at posting on blogs. I will attempt to correct this post-haste.

Still waiting to hear back from an editor I sent my childrens story (I Wish I Was a Werewolf) to. If I get a rejection from this individual, I will send a group of queries to all the agents and editors that accept multiple submissions. I plan to start work on the follow-up story (I Vant to be a Vampire) anyway.

I am in the middle of writing a short five page Spider-Man script. I will post it when it is done and any artist that wants to can use it for their sequentials, as long as I get credit for the story. We’ll try going by the honor system on that for now.

I have decided to not finish writing the fourth issue of Count Obsideo. It got to a point where my heart just wasn’t in the story anymore. I have no one to blame for this but myself and will start anew soon. If nothing else, it was good learning experience. Count Obsideo will rise again.

I have few other comic book ideas that need a bit of fleshing out but let me know if any of you artists out there are interested. One involves a female knight super-hero character and another is set in the ’30s or ’40s with a pulp type of hero. Count Obsideo is also in need of an artist.

As always, drop me line if you have a project in need of writing and I’ll see if its a good fit for me.