Monster 50

The Blob.

I’m pretty sure that the first Blob movie I watched was the 80s remake directed by Chuck Russell. I was the right age to be scared, and yet knew that there was fun to be had with the premise as well. The original film, with always cool Steve McQueen, I watched later in life, and enjoyed too. That groovy title song sets the mood for what follows. Both films are good mixes of horror and good cheese, with the Russell version going for the gore of course, and the original aiming for the teen thrills.

Like the zombie, there is something innately terrifying about a slowly encroaching creature that cannot be stopped or contained, and continues to grow larger with everything it ingests. An eerie gelatinous alien from outer space with only destruction on it’s mind.

The blob shows up in Hotel Transylvania as Blobbie, to make me laugh. He deserves his spot next to the other iconic monsters in the film.

As films of the 80s get remakes, it’s time for us to revisit The Blob. I would have loved to see a John Carpenter version, but would settle for someone like Ti West to direct.