Monster 50

Lo Pan.

Evil Chinese sorcerer, cursed with No Flesh by the first sovereign emperor of China, forever searching for that special green-eyed woman with whom he can marry, sacrifice to appease Chang Dai and rule the world from beyond the grave. It’s so hard to find the perfect woman these days.

Lo Pan is played wonderfully by James Hong in the movie Big Trouble in Little China directed by John Carpenter. This is easily one of my favorite movies, and Lo Pan is one reason why. Not only is he evil, and powerful, and stylish, but he is also hilarious. Not that I wouldn’t quake in my boots if I ran into him in a dark, or even light, alley.

The costume design of Lo Pan is perfect. It no doubt owes some cues from Fu-Manchu, with the long mustache, ornate hat and black dragon-print robe, but is instantly memorable.

I can only imagine how angry it made him to lose to the rowdy and uncouth American Jack Burton and friends. But hey, that’s how it goes sometimes.

“It’s all in the reflexes.”

David Lo Pan Style