Monster 50

The Frankenstein Monster.

Arguably the most famous monster in film land. Created from the finest body parts of the recently deceased, this is the perfect monster…except for the little issue with his brain.

Victor Frankenstein may have given the creature life, but it was a young girl by the name of Mary Shelly that created this monster in her novel Frankenstein. Boris Karloff played the monster in the classic Universal film, and gave the monster a certain dignity and pathos. The monster has also been memorably played by Glen Strange, Christopher Lee and Robert De Niro. I would also be remiss if I did not mention Tom Noonan’s portrayal in The Monster Squad. The friendship of the creature and the little girl Phoebe threatens to turn me into a blubbering softy every time I watch it. Peter Boyle’s monster in Young Frankenstein is hilarious and also a loving homage to Karloff.

There seems to be some debate among monster enthusiasts what to actually call this monster; Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Monster or The Creature. I have no problem with Frankenstein, since he was created by a Frankenstein and would carry the name of his creator. I also tend to use The Frankenstein Monster, as my more traditional and classical nature dictates.

Odes to the Frankenstein Monster include Feed My Frankenstein (Alice Cooper), Frankenstein (Edgar Winter) and the famous Monster Mash (Bobby Pickett). I’m feeling a lot of love for the monster here.