The Podcast Codex

A podcast can be a wonderful thing. I have been tempted to start one of my own, but my general lack of being interesting, and my fear of the great time suck have so far stopped me. It has not stopped me from enjoying them.

So, without further ado, here is a list of the podcasts that I frequent. I recommend each and every one of them.

Monster Talk: This is a show presented by Skeptic magazine that critically examines the science behind cryptozoology, ghosts, myths, aliens and other generally spooky things. Seems to have been on a hiatus since December last year, but there are several shows in the archive to keep you busy. Really fascinating stuff there.

Astonishing Legends: This is a relatively new podcast headed up by Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess where they examine legendary strange and unusual events. You see a pattern here, don’t you? I love the casual style of the podcast and admire the research often given to each subject. I thought I knew a lot of strange legends and urban myths until I listened to this podcast. I just wish I could get a new show more often than every two weeks or so. The suspense kills me. If you love the strange and mysterious, give this show a listen right away.

This is Horror Podcast: A cool little podcast from across the pond that has a focus on writing horror. As a fan of the horror genre and a writer of fantastic fiction that often strays onto the horror path, I find the interviews they conduct to be valuable. I have also found several British writers to follow, that I may not have found otherwise.

Writing Excuses: If you want to be a writer, are a writer starting out, or have a few stories under your belt, this is a podcast for you. At 17 to 21 minutes a show, you certainly can find time to listen. The information presented by professional writers Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells is entertaining and informative for any writer of the fantastic.

Monster Party: Certainly not always safe for work, but fun anyway, is this show about monsters. If you have a love of all things monsters, as do I, you will enjoy this show. Each podcast has a theme that the group talks about and special guest stars pop up frequently. No one can label the hosts insincere in their monster love. May the ghost of the Great Vincent Price visit their monster patch each and every night.

The Dice Tower: A podcast about board games, and the people who play them. This is a great podcast headed by Tom Vasel where he brings us reviews, stories of board game horror, commentary on board game mechanics and a plethora of errata. Open up the world of designer board games and jump into the deep in here.

Adventures in SciFi Publishing: A great podcast brought to you by Brent Bowen and Kristi Charish. The show often contains interviews with writers of speculative fiction, SciFi and fantasy with topics all over the map, but mostly about the writing. I would pair this show with Writing Excuses as a one-two punch for writers of the fantastic at any skill level. There is occasional chatter about craft beers, so teetotalers beware.